Traction Machine

Forvorda traction machines cover several major series, including conventional passenger elevator traction machine, machineroomless traction machine, home elevator/small load traction machine, high-speed elevator traction machine, escalator traction machine, and cargo elevator traction machine. The load range is from 320 kg to 3200 kg, with a wide range of rated speeds from 0.3 m/s to 10 m/s. Our products are widely applicable to high-rise residential buildings, villas, office buildings, hotels, institutions, schools, and other public buildings.

Pro Series with Concentrated Winding

  • Adopts the established H series structure, stable and robust

  • Employ segmented motor core and concentrated winding in electromagnetic design

  •  Utilizes automatic winding, higher product consistency

  •  Motor core fixed in multiple ways, stable and reliable

  • Traction machine uses quick-adjusting brake, maintenance is simple on site.

H Series for General Passenger Elevator

  • High reliability, with an annual sales reaching over 100,000 units.

  • This traction machine product has been awarded the "Zhejiang Made" title. The brake has passed the Zhejiang manufacturing standard, running 5 million times without  any failure ,while standard requirement is 2 million times. 

  • Complete series, the product line expand to freight elevator series and renovation elevator series.

D Series of Bar-shaped Machine

  • The brake is axially connected in series with independent coils.

  • The shell is mainly made of organic material, enhancing its strength.

  • The brake disc undergoes special treatment to ensure the stability of the braking torque.

  • With its broad range, it is suitable for machine room-less applications.

G Series of Flat Machine

  •  Axial magnetic field, a design for the flat appearance.

  •  Space-saving, suitable for well installation

  •  The optoelectronic encoder is pre-installed and can be disassembled without moving the guide rail.

  • Equipped with a quick-adjusting brake for simpler adjustments.

C Series for High Speed Elevator

  • Specific design for the characteristics of high-speed elevators.

  • High shaft load and large margin.

  • Low temperature rise and large redundancy.

  • Equipped with imported SanYang brakes from Japan.

  • Large market application 

T Series of Belt Machine

  •  Optimization in high-speed bearing for stability.

  •  Emergency stop switch button can be added.

  •  Has formed mass production with a dedicated production line. 

Gearless for Cargo Lifts

  • Extended from the regular H series, offering stable performance.

  • Has a lower cost

Machines for Home Life and Small Lift

  • The traction machine is exquisite, compact, and effectively saves space.

  • Low operation noise, creating a quiet and comfortable environment for users.

  • Widely used in home elevators, villa elevators, small machine room passenger elevators.

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