Synchronous Door Motors

Our products are designed based on high-performance NdFeB materials, delivering efficient, smooth, and low-noise performance. Forvorda currently has several product specifications including PMM1.8K, PMM2.3K, PMM5.0K, PMM2.3G, PMM5.0G, etc. Magnetic encoders and rotary transformers (rotary trans) configurations are optional, suitable for various elevator door opening/closing scenario needs. The product is used by domestic and foreign elevator brands such as Thyssen, Toshiba, XIO, and Merlon. In 2021, we achieved a product shipment of 180,000 units, and it is expected to break through 200,000 units in 2022!

We uphold the concept of green and environmental protection, providing customers with green, environmentally friendly, safe, and energy-saving door motor products.

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