Forvorda has successively established provincial high-tech research and development centers, provincial technology centers, provincial industrial design centers, national post-doctoral research workstations, and academician workstations. In 2015, Forward completed the acceptance of the Zhejiang Province Technology Center Innovation Capability Building Project, creating a comprehensive research and development environment for motors and their components. In 2016, the testing center passed the "CNAS" certification and was rated as a Zhejiang Province Enterprise Research Institute. Forvorda currently holds 217 authorized intellectual property rights, participates in and leads the formulation of several industry standards, and collaborates with many well-known domestic universities for industry-university-research cooperative innovation, continuously advancing Forvorda's scientific and technological skills and enhancing its innovative capabilities.

R&D Team

9 associate senior engineers

19 senior engineers

3 individuals who were selected for the Hangzhou 131 Middle and Young Talent Training Program

9 individuals who were selected for the Lin'an District 812 Talent Training Project.

R&D Process

The foundation of Forvorda lies in high standards and strict requirements for product quality. In order to ensure that standards can be unified and implemented among various departments of Forvorda, a set of relatively complete product development process has been formed based on continuous practice during product development. The entire process is divided into 5 stages, which are the project feasibility analysis stage, the plan research stage, the product design and development stage, the production preparation , and the batch production application follow-up stage.

The goals and main content of each stage are shown in the following diagram. Each stage has clear objectives and outcome to be achieved. And at the completion of one stage, it is necessary to make a summary of this stage, conduct technical reviews and business reviews, and enter the next stage of work after passing.

Project Management Flowchart

Patent & Standards

Forvorda has a total of 232 granted patents, including 39 inventions, 141 utility models (including 9 for precision machinery), 46 designs, and 6 software copyrights. Forvorda has participated in the revision of 24 standards, of which 13 national standards, 7 industry standards, and 4 Zhejiang manufacturing standards have been published. Forvorda takes the lead in drafting Zhejiang manufacturing standards for elevator traction machine brakes, Zhejiang manufacturing standards for permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machines, recommended national standards for AC elevator motor general technical conditions Part 2: Permanent magnet synchronous motors, and recommended national standards for AC elevator motor general technical conditions. It`s of great significance to the motor industry.


Total Patents


Invention Patents



University-Industry Collaboration

In terms of university-industry collaboration, Forvorda has established contacts or long-term cooperative relationships with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Chongqing University, and other schools and research institutions. These collaborating units provide Forvorda with the latest scientific and technological trends relevant to product development, and offer services such as discipline development information, performance and structural testing, new product development technology structure, and personnel training, for joint development and research.

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