Foundry Business

Forvorda was established in 2016, covering 36,000 square meters. It aims to produce core castings for elevator traction machine .The project has a yearly output of 60,000 tons of castings. It has an experienced tech team. It has Savelli (Italy) static pressure automatic molding line, Inductotheat (USA) medium frequency induction furnace, high-efficiency iron type coated sand line and non-standard custom resin sand production line. Additionally, Forvorda uses advanced direct reading spectrometers and leading sand testing instruments in the industry to ensure the quality of raw materials. It produces high-performance castings like HT200 / HT250 / HT300 / QT450 / QT500 / QT600 / QT700, which far exceed Chinese standards. With high-speed automatic grinding and machining equipment, Forvorda aims to create high-quality castings, leading the casting pioneer in the elevator component industry.

House Casting

Sheave Casting

Rotor Casting

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