The brake is one of the frequently moving parts in the elevator, capable of stopping the traction machine of the elevator from rotating when there is no power supply and effectively stop elevator car . The working status of the brake is closely related to the safe operation of the elevator

Xizi Forvorda constantly strives for excellence and enhances its ability for independent innovation. To provide more comfortable and safer products, our in-house produced brakes have passed the product certification of Zhejiang Made Standards TZZB1031-2019 Brakes for Elevator Traction Machines, adhering to the Domestically Top-ranked, Internationally Advanced criteria. The service life of the brakes has been enhanced from 2 million times to 5 million times, the response time has been shortened by 40%, and the safety redundancy design has been reached 3-6 times. Process control adopts unique traceability, full inspection of key process parameters, and has CNAS certification for testing capabilities. It can perform static and dynamic monitoring of brake products, and conduct environmental tests, ensuring the reliability of product development and safeguarding the safety of elevators!

Brake for Roomless Traction Machine

Brake for Machineroom Traction Machine

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