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National Quality Month in Forvorda

Forvorda has launched series of all members' quality improvement activities.
Release time:2022-09-30 00:00

Anual september is  "National Quality Month". In response to the call of the organizational departments such as the State Administration of Market Supervision to "promote quality  innovation, promote the construction of a strong country", considering the slowdown of the current market demand ,  the increas of customers' requirements ; fluctuation of  raw material  price and high cost pressure, Forvorda has launched the quality improvemwnt activity to improve the capbility of quality control.

Think about affairs from customer perspective

Think about affairs from customer perspective, take the initiative to aware of the performance of new product , sort out the top issues of customer feedback , make improvement proposal ;  pay attention to every detail, and quickly implement improvement.

Rules become habits

Sort out the main points of control process , clear the rules, conduct post training, help operators understand the rules, decompose responsibilities, focus on inspections, ensure that everyone abides by the rules, and adhere to the habit for a long time.

the impact of every individual on quality

The company conduct  multi -level announcement activities in this quality month,including the analysis of  quality cases in each workshop, the training of the QC methods, construction site maintenance and prevention of waste loss caused by the operation problems of each position, All the activites aim to make everyone understand the impact of "I" on quality.

VDA review improvement

Forvorda began to introduce VDA6.3 in 2018. Started by the products required by customers, we summarized the internal implementation cases to form a map of knowledge, gradually carried out, continuously improved, and gradually improved the scores. The quality month's focus on the improvement of internal standard review was carried out, and finally achieved the industry's leading position again in the external audit at the end of September.


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